Mobile Marketing Services

We Make Mobile Marketing Campaigns work.

We state this fact unequivocally. Five billion mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide – nearing thirty million in Canada alone – underpin this reality. Consumers are talking, texting, emailing, accessing work documents, searching, shopping, checking weather, playing games, devouring news and content... they’re doing it on the go, and they’re doing it 24/7. With their cell phones and their smart phones close at hand.

Mobile is mainstream. It’s where you need your brand to be, and ZeroWire Labs will get you there.

We’ll show you:

How to make it ten times more engaging than any other advertising channel.
How to ensure far more measurability than with any other channel.
How to develop customer communication that’s personal and invasive. Immediate and interactive. Innovative and inviting.

You make it your business to keep your clients on top of their marketing game. To ensure that all potential marketing channels – both traditional and emerging – are optimized to drive sales, increase brand equity, incite customer loyalty and propel ROI.

So you’re likely anxious to put this one new bright spot for marketing growth in front of your clients in your proactive, innovating style. If your clients are not already asking for your insights around the mobile channel, they soon will be. Or maybe you’ve already attempted a one-off campaign with less-than-stellar results. Read More

Driving sales, building brand equity, earning customer loyalty and improving your ROI are all bottom-line priorities. Your need to get your message heard in an increasingly cluttered, competitive landscape. But in today’s ultra-fragmented marketing arena, it’s challenging to decide where best to invest your advertising and promotion budget. Read More