Methodology and Powerful ROI

Our vast experience within the mobile channel means that we can start with the end in mind.

We listen intently to our client’s desired outcomes and create a strategy to achieve them. We believe that any campaign is only as effective as the measurable results that it generates – and increased Return on Investment invariably tops the list. Business people first, we have earned a reputation for detailed project management and tangible, empirical, quantitative data to support our team’s performance throughout the entire project life cycle.

Regardless of where in the world our client is based, our proven methodology facilitates consistent application of our principles and experience:

Discovery: What is the need or issue; What’s the history; What’s the environment... Where have we been?

Analysis: What is possible within scope of resources; What is realistic within time frame; What is competitive landscape... Where do we want to go?

Strategy: What tools can we use; What rules can we break; What models make sense; What history can we draw on... How do we get there?

Execution: Put ideas into action; confirm roles; confirm timeline; confirm budget... Let’s go!

Measurement: What will success look like; what’s today’s benchmark to measure success; what tools, systems need to be in place to allow us to track progress... Are we there yet?

Discovery: How did success impact business; what other needs or possibilities did the project unearth...

Where do we want to go next?

Innovation and Co-Investment

On the strength of our deep experience and cutting-edge technology, we have complete confidence in the power of the mobile channel and the results it can generate. We know we can deliver, and we’re prepared to put considerable investment behind our convictions. Talk to us about how we can co-invest with you to explore an uncharted, innovative application of mobile technology. We believe this is testimony to the unique partnership mentality that sets us apart in the industry.

End-to-End Execution

With a proprietary back-end platform and sophisticated methodology, our commitment to flawless implementation is unmatched in the industry. We challenge the status quo, envisioning entirely fresh ideas and business models with complete confidence in our team’s ability to achieve results.

A strategic mindset sets our team apart: we are as involved in the innovating and brainstorming stage as we are in the technology deployment and in the physical project implementation.

Our platform is scalable and thus adaptable to any project size or scope: we own each marketing campaign we develop through its full life cycle. We’re there to facilitate content, develop mobile web sites (WAPs) and apps and execute a complete advertising campaign from media planning through to buying and placement.

Target Audience Segmentation

We don’t claim to have invented mobile marketing, but we have envisioned, designed and implemented enough campaigns, from basic to complex, that the industry is second nature to us. And, as a result of our work with a wide variety of industries, we have evolved into true specialists in market segmentation. We understand specific target audiences and have access to well-populated, opt-in databases.

For our clients, this means we can direct relevant content right to the personal handheld devices of a tightly defined audience who not only welcomes your message but has been statistically proven to act upon it.